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Wes Paul and Becky's Wedding - The Wedding Itself

Becky: "By about 11:20am, I was finally ready to walk down the aisle - only about twenty minutes late. I had to go and wait outside with my Dad. My Mum entered the chapel first and lit a candle to Dolly Parton's Coat Of Many Colours.

Then Wes and Paul entered to Can't Help Falling in Love.

 So I missed all the first part of the wedding because I was standing outside all nervous and waiting! I was actually very nervous, although when it came down to it I just ended up almost giggling uncontrollably. We walked down the aisle to the traditional wedding march and I met Wessy at the altar.

He was already crying. I'd told myself I wasn't going to cry so I just laughed instead! It was great fun though!


We both lit a candle as a symbol of our unity - to I Will Always Love You...

...then after we'd said our vows, put our rings on and kissed, we walked off to our own recording of Jackson. It was a perfect wedding!



Then we all went outside and spent about an hour posing for all kinds of photos in different parts of the gardens."


And here are the lovely people who at Tulip Tree who helped make the whole thing possible!



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