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The Wes Paul Band Arrive in Jackson

Wes Paul and Becky Simpson were Married in Jackson - Tennessee at The Tulip Tree Chapel, on 1st June 2010, after Becky proposed to Wes Paul on 29th February 2008

...Becky's mum and dad attended the wedding and stayed over in Memphis a day or two before. The Wes Paul Band arrived in Jackson on Monday 31st May after an hour or so's drive. from Memphis along Interstate Highway 40. (More of Interstate 40 passes through Tennessee....)

                                                                                                                    Becky's parents on the trip to Jackson

First stop was The (Hilton) Double Tree Hotel. Because the wedding was next day, 1st June, - Becky stayed in her parents suite in the same hotel, Smiley and Wes Paul stayed in a separate suite, but initially they checked into the same room and unpacked.

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